Stephanie Wetherby | About
These pages are hard, I think. And awkward as it is all me, me, me. But I suppose that IS rather the point of an “About Me” page.

So here goes.

I live in a little story-and-a-half house in a neighborhood of story-and-a-half houses in Denver.

I love books…of all sizes and shapes…and think there is never quite enough time to read everything I would like. Which makes me think of that old Twilight Zone episode where the guy gets locked in the bank vault during his lunch hour where he always goes to read, thereby surviving the nuclear annihilation that destroyed all the other people and buildings but somehow left all the books intact. Delighted, he stacks them all up preparing to spend the rest of his life reading, only to completely shatter his glasses. Classic Rod Sterling.

Which then makes me think of William Shatner seeing the monster on the wing of the airplane, which makes me think of Star Trek, both the original series and the recent movies, which I also love. But maybe I should have kept the whole Star Trek thing to myself.

I learned to drink tea and say things like “lovely” and “brilliant” from my very dear friend in England. Though given that I like sugar along with milk in my cuppa, I think she would disavow any responsibility for the tea part of that statement.

I almost always wear red Chuck Taylor sneakers when I take photos. Because hey…red sneakers!

I drive a blue jeep and have a squashy green sofa that is perfect for naps.

I love outside but don’t spend nearly enough time there. Outside is awesome because that is where you find things like grass and mountains and waves and beautiful sunsets. Inside tends to have things like dishes and bathrooms that require cleaning on a regular basis, which is why I spend too much time there. But inside also has a squashy green sofa. And naps. So they probably factor in.

I like stripes. Not sure why, really. It’s just a thing.

I almost always use proper case capital letters and punctuation when I text, and can’t seem to bring myself to type “LOL.” Not sure why, really. It’s just a thing.

I have a cousin who thinks that cupcakes are liars, because they are pretending to be finger food when they really are far too messy for that. But mmmmmm…..cupcakes.

My favorite YouTube videos lately have been the ones by Kid President. He likes cupcakes too. If you haven’t seen any of them, check out “A Pep Talk to You From Kid President.” Brilliant!

So there you go. I’d love to chat with you about books, and Star Trek, and inspirational videos presented by 8-year olds. But I also would love to discuss photos and photography and helping you tell YOUR story, so send me a line at Thanks for stopping by!